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Serious Injuries Suffered By Railroad Workers

You Deserve To Be Compensated For Railyard Injuries

The railroad remains a key part of American infrastructure between the movement of goods and quick transportation services. Railroad employees work tirelessly to ensure both trains and railways are properly maintained. But what many fail to realize is alongside construction sites, railyards and train stations are unfortunately two of the most dangerous places to work.

Federal and California laws make worker safety a priority across all industries. Even though working conditions have improved substantially since the 1900s, the risk of getting hurt on the job remains. That’s why it’s imperative for employees to understand their rights and call upon an accident injury attorney for legal help.

Top Three Severe Injuries Railroad Workers Face

According to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), one-third of railroad worker injuries happen in railyards, with most of them being fatal. Given the nature of the job this might not come as a surprise. Although you are mindful of the actions you take, these three injuries can still happen.


If you’ve lost a limb while working with heavy and oversized machinery, you’re not alone. Traumatic amputations are considered catastrophic injuries that could put you out of work and alter your life. One of the details an attorney would check for is whether you’ve suffered from a complete or partial amputation.

Surgeons might be able to reattach partial amputations where the tissue is still intact. The road to recovery will be long and require months of rehabilitation. On the other hand, complete amputations cannot be reattached. Victims tend to find a prosthetic.

We can help you reclaim compensation for the extensive medical treatment you’ll need.

Burn Injuries

Third-degree burns are excruciatingly painful injuries that often require skin grafting, irrigation, and scraping to prevent the risk of infection. When working at the railyard, railroaders need to remain vigilant.

Be mindful of how hazardous chemicals are maintained, the risks of explosion, engine fires, and electrical burns. If someone else’s negligence resulted in your pain and suffering it is crucial to reach out to a lawyer.

Head and Brain Damage

Head injuries take the lives of over 50,000 people each year and injure over 2 million in the U.S. Victims of traumatic brain damage experience symptoms ranging from loss of coordination to lack of cognitive ability. These types of accidents are caused by:

  • Falling objects and debris
  • Slippery conditions
  • Defective equipment
  • Freight accidents

When you file a compensation claim, your lawyer will assess damages by severity. Keep in mind that symptoms are harder to detect the first few days after an accident.

What Can An Injury Attorney Help Me With?

Depending on the case, most clients ask themselves, “If I get hurt on the railyard, can I sue it?” You absolutely can. Filing an injury claim through FELA is the way to obtain compensation. It takes an experienced train accident attorney who knows what to look for and how to help you navigate through the challenges of workplace injuries. We list a few examples below:

  • Getting struck against an object or a railway vehicle
  • Sign malfunctions, track, and mechanical issues
  • Additional hazards from old railway switches, heavy machines, poor lighting

The FELA process makes it easier for employees to recover compensation, as opposed to passengers who have a liability cap of $200 million.

Can You Sue the Railroad on Behalf of a Deceased Loved One?

In unfortunate cases where the railroad injury has resulted in the death of a loved one, surviving family members can still receive compensation for funeral expenses and the significant loss of income.

A lawyer for metro accidents would advise you to have ample evidence that the defendant violated a law or policy resulting in the fatal injury. Claims representatives have a history of manipulating accident scenes to debunk victims’ lawsuits. We will ensure that you get what you need.

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