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Car Accident with USPS Truck – Here’s What to Know

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The United States Postal Service delivers to over 160 million addresses and, in some cases, is the only delivery option available. So, what happens when you get involved in an accident with an employee or contractor?

Sometimes the answer isn’t always clear. Moderate to severe injuries might warrant a lawsuit – but the process differs from regular personal injury claims. This article will address what you should know about postal truck collisions.

Each case differs per client. It’s always best to book a free consultation with accident injury attorney David Grey.

A USPS Truck Hit My Car – What Can I Do?

The USPS processes and delivers at least 46% of the world’s mail. You might recognize the local delivery truck as the primary method of transportation. Very rarely do people consider their 18-wheelers or the individually owned vehicles of rural couriers.

As the victim of any car accident, you have every right to file for damages. USPS workers can be held accountable, as can any contractors who transport mail for the government. In addition to going to the hospital and getting treated for your injuries, the best thing you can do is reach out to an experienced lawyer.

The Dangerous Risks Leading to Delivery Truck Accidents

With the rise of private companies like Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and DHL, there are certain variables we must prove to establish the foundation of your case. That includes retrieving information about how and why the collision happened.

Common Reasons Behind USPS Accidents

  • Poorly maintained, defective USPS vehicles
  • Collisions with vehicles located off the road
  • Not yielding to pedestrians or other drivers that have the right of way
  • Making frequent and sudden stops on the side of busy roads
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding, distracted driving, fatigued driving
  • Tailgating – leading to rear-end accidents

Proving Negligence Against the Postal Service

Unlike other federal agencies, the postal service has seen significant changes over the last two years. The enterprise downsized on employees and saw a reduction in annual revenue when the mail volume plunged.

You might be thinking – what does this mean for me?

With USPS not being as funded, delivery accidents must be accounted for correctly. You will need complete documentation of your injuries and the accident on a much smaller deadline. It can be achieved by:

  • Filing a police report immediately after the crash
  • Gathering statements from witnesses
  • Keeping copies of medical records/invoices
  • Taking photos and videos of the accident
  • Requesting driving records (at a later date)

USPS Employees vs. Contractors

Knowing the difference between an employee and contractor matters. Figuring out their employment status is as simple as determining who owned the vehicle. Was it a private contractor, the defendant’s truck, or owned by the USPS? Not all vehicles are designed for delivering mail safely, and that will be considered with your case.

Torts Claim: Overview

The Federal Tort Claims Act protects all government employees. Certain claims will be blocked under the “doctrine of sovereign immunity.” This complex process alone can complicate your lawsuit.

  • When a USPS driver is at fault, an administrative claim must be sent to the government within six months after injury.
  • It will take at most 45 days for the USPS to accept or decline the notice. They may agree to pay all or part of the damages.
  • If they do not within that period, we will have two years to take this lawsuit to court. The statute begins from the accident date.

At our truck accident law firm, we guarantee your case will include all the relevant information needed to hold the agency liable. It’s imperative to know what to ask and how to answer any questions that come your way. Building this case can be tricky – but you can rely on our legal services.

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