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Common Types of Workplace Accident Injuries

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If you are recovering from any type of workplace injury, you shouldfirst seek medical attention and then speak with a workplace accident lawyer. If your ability to work has been compromised because of health care expenses, you need the skilled and aggressive advocacy of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer.

  1. Slip and fall
    Slip and falls are some of the most common types of workplace injuries and are the top reason for worker’s compensation claims. These types of injuries can be prevented by being aware of your surroundings and by following the Occupational Safety and Health Association’s (OSHA) fall protection requirements. If you do work in an environment where falls are possible, it’s important to know what to do after falling on your back. Even when your injuries seem minor, they could have lasting consequences.
  2. Overexertion and Muscle Strains
    Overexertion injuries like muscle strains and repetitive strain injuries (RSI) can cause long-term debilitating pain and lead to an overall loss in productivity, and can be caused by:
    • Improper lifting technique
    • Manually lifting heavy objects
    • Repetitive work with no breaks
    • Jumping to another level
    • A collapsing structure
    • Lifting, pushing, carrying, or throwing
    • Microtasks on a factory line
    • Typing or moving a mouse without good ergonomics

    Your employer should have required training on how to perform physical tasks correctly and taught you how to prevent muscle strains. In the case that they didn’t, check out OSHA’s ergonomics training.

    To avoid overexertion and reduce your risk for lasting physical harm, ensure you are receiving frequent breaks and that you are using that time to rest and stretch and utilizing the mechanical lifting equipment to lift anything over 50lbs.

    If you are experiencing any overexertion pain or discomfort, don’t wait to head into an urgent care facility near you. Untreated injuries can progress over time, causing you more issues down the road.

  3. Struck by workers, equipment, or falling objects
    We’ve all walked into the sharp edge of a counter or turned into a wall, but when you’re working in a high-risk industry, these injuries can be far more serious. These types of injuries can include severe hand injuries, severed limbs or fingers, traumatic head injuries, stress fractures or full bone breaks, blindness, and more.Workplace injuries of this nature are commonly caused by:
    • Poorly guarded machinery
    • Falling tools, debris, or materials
    • A part of the worker’s body being caught in a wire or gears
    • Dropped loads
    • Pressure between the person and the source of the injury
    • The tipping over of heavy equipment
    • Excessive vibration
    • Bumping into an object or equipment
    • Being pushed into a hard surface of any kind
    • Walking into walls or machinery

    Thankfully, many of these accidents can be prevented by staying aware of your surroundings, following established policies and procedures, using the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), avoiding loose clothing, and putting away unnecessary hazards.

  4. Crashes or collisions
    Whether you’re driving a motor vehicle or are working around them, you are at risk of getting hurt in a crash or collision. Other instances resulting in a crash or collision could include:
    • Falling from a vehicle
    • Getting stuck under an overturned vehicle
    • Large-truck drivers drinking and driving
    • Being struck by objects falling from a vehicle
    • Semi, tractor-trailer, and tanker truck crashes

    When operating any type of motorized vehicle, ensure you are wearing your seat belt and taking the proper safety measures established by your employer.

  5. Exposure to harmful substances or environments
    Those who work in loud environments or around hazardous chemicals risk severe injuries to their ears, eyes, skin, and respiratory systems if they are exposed without proper protection.Be sure to familiarize yourself with any chemical safety data sheets and wear proper ear protection, safety goggles, gloves, and any other required PPE when exposed to harmful substances or loud noises. Those who work with or around heavy-duty cleaning crews should also know how to recognize signs of and bleach poisoning symptoms.

Are You Recovering From a Workplace Accident Injury in Los Angeles?

If you have suffered a workplace accident, please report the incident to your employer immediately. We also urge you to not to talk with any insurance company or sign any insurance document without first consulting an experienced workplace accident lawyer from Grey Law.

Our attorneys at Grey Law provide dedicated and aggressive legal representation to Los Angeles residents for workplace injury claims involving:

  • Construction site accidents scaffolding fall, collapsed walls and ceilings
  • Factory accidents – repetitive stress injuries, heavy equipment injuries, conveyor belt accidents
  • Industrial accidents – chemical burns, fires, explosions
  • Auto accidents – representing commercial drivers, couriers, fleet drivers
  • Environmental hazards – industrial sites, construction projects, and office buildings

It’s especially crucial for injured employees to consider all their options before accepting any compensation from the employer.  By accepting workers compensation from the company, employees forfeit their right to pursue the matter in court. Workers who are injured on the job have limited time to file a claim, and are therefore encouraged to contact a trusted workplace accident lawyer as soon as possible following an injury.

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